Let me know what you think of Sanctuary VR

Let me know what you think of "Sanctuary VR", was it playable, did you get stuck on any puzzles, did you like the narrative or think it was overdone, did you like the simplistic graphical style or did you feel the it looked bad.

Any constructive criticism is welcome even if you disliked the game, the game was made as part of my masters degree and I would like to see if people actually enjoyed it or not.

Gameplay footage


sanctuary-itcho-2017-build.rar 197 MB
May 03, 2017

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I enjoyed it until it crashed when i tried to use the torch on the locking pin.

Nicely done,Very atmospheric.

Didn't play in VR as unfortunately don't have the gear, but played the non version and really enjoyed it. Good story and excellent voice acting, the game looked neat and the puzzles were fun. I was sad to see it end and wanted more, so that was definitely a good thing. 

Only thing that was an issue was that the controls were pretty unresponsive; I had to click several times on everything for it to register. This may have just been an issue for me or perhaps the fact that it was made for VR. However I know it was originally a VR game, so I understand and enjoyed the experience nonetheless. Nice job, would definitely be interested in seeing more.


Thanks for the feedback, glad you enjoyed it. Yes, the controls bug I am aware of, it only exists in the non-vr version. The original controls were all based on Oculus VR click event inputs to trigger my code, so when I couldn't use these for the non-vr version I had to use other trigger events for my scripts. A bug with the mouse cursor sometimes makes a mouse click not register, it is infuriating. I am looking into implementing a fix for this.